What is the Facts by Email?

The Facts by Email is a weekly real estate email newsletter containing: Feature stories on International, National, USA, Western Canadian real estate; Independent Analysis – Unbiased … No Advertising.

Written by…

Ozzie Jurock, senior real estate analyst.

As well as leading senior editors and writers for Canadian business and real estate publications.


“It’s great to have a Canadian perspective on economic factors that will impact our real estate and investment market. I am constantly referring to your facts and figures and the MAJOR POINTS. I would highly recommend your publication to anyone.”
– Paul Prade, Manager, Coldwell Banker, Vancouver, B.C.

What people say about Ozzie Jurock

“If you’re serious about real estate investing you absolutely MUST read Ozzie’s powerful book Forget About Location, Location, Location. He is right on target.”Robert Allen, author of the # 1 New York Times Bestseller Nothing Down and Creating Wealth

Ozzie is one of the wisest money man alive. I love listening to and reading him and so will you. Drink deeply of his wisdom, insights, advice and you’ll permanently prosper.
Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
“Common sense and essential information pour off the pages. This book is your one-stop guide to knowing how the ‘Smart Money’ really does it.” Michael Campbell - host of 'Money Talks Radio'

Today everyone is peppered with real estate information.

Monthly, quarterly, annual statistics. Number of sales, listings etc., etc. Facts! We are peppered with facts every week. The real estate board facts. The Real Estate Association numbers. The Greek crisis scare. The dollar scare … up or down?

It’s information noise.

We at Jurock Real Estate Insider (JREI) also produce the facts but there is a huge difference.

The difference? Clarity!

We tell you what the information means … and more important what it might mean to you as to your buying, selling, leasing and investing decision making.

These are turbulent times. You need experience, you need hands-on know-how, you need a TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESSFUL FORECASTING.

WHAT YOU GET every day is information and facts. WHAT YOU NEED is to get into CLARITY.

YOU NEED CLEAR ANSWERS to the question:

“What must I do to safeguard my family, my investments, my future?”



Relentless Growth

Real Estate investment WORLDWIDE, but particularly in Canada has been spectacular as to the relentless 50 year increase in values and spectacular in creating tax free capital gains for homeowners and astounding percentage returns on the leveraged down payment. (Read Ozzie’s article “FROM 13,150 TO $1,100,000 MILLION.”)

Of course we did not make that 100,000 percent on down payment increase in a straight line. There were ups and downs … some years as much as 39% declines in values (1982) … yet when you understand the fundamentals (which Ozzie clearly explains), you realize that TIMING and TREND in a LOCAL market is very important.

More Than Just a Newsletter

So, the weekly FACTS BY EMAIL lifts the fog, two major conferences “SPRING: LANDRUSH” and “FALL: REAL ESTATE FORECAST” tie it all together. Depending on which package you select … it is all included … you can even (in the Platinum package) have a personal telephone chat with Ozzie for your specific real estate questions.

Supporting it all is a password protected and SEARCHABLE REAL ESTATE INSIDER WEBSITE! Search right back to 1996 for specific areas. What did we forecast then?

When did we feature Vancouver (1998), Calgary (1997), Toronto (1995) as outright long term buys? When did we tell you to buy Kelowna? When did we tell you to sell some recreational real estate? When did we tell you to buy foreclosure properties?

Every week we feature what we irreverently call the ‘plot of the week’, where we feature what seems like a good deal.

Miss an issue, or travelling? Want to find a story in Whistler, Salmon Arm (hundreds of others)? It’s easy! All issues are detailed on your searchable website – by chapter headings for easy review.

We live in uncertain times. The next 18 months will be crucial for the Real Estate investor in Western CanadaWhat are the future prices in BC? Buy now or sell now?

What to buy and what not to in resorts? Do you know that some resort properties have tripled in price while others in the same resort did not rise 1 cent? Did you know that not all mortgage brokers have access to major financial institutions.

In fact, the SUBSCRIBER INSIDER WEBSITE also features DAILY MORTGAGE NEWS, DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS from around the world and a slew of detailed information – easily accessible … easily understandable.


For the average investor in real estate it is far more important than Location, Location (Read Ozzies’s book Forget About Location, Location, Location)

It is more important to understand that real estate is primarily local in nature and cyclical.

It is important to now yourself (Flipper or Investor?), to understand what you wish to own and by when … but even more so, whether you should do it now or later.

That is why Ozzie Jurock’s INSIDER FACTS BY EMAIL is the most successful independent real estate publication now in its 23rd year!

Thousands have subscribed and benefited from the advice contained in its pages and Ozzie has received hundreds of letters outlining the individual steep profits made.

The Conferences

Since inception The Jurock Real Estate Insider REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK  and LANDRUSH conferences have established themselves as the quintessential real estate outlook conferences for the serious investor or homeowner. Fine central venues, seasoned presenters and quality exhibitors.

The focus is buying and selling real estate for the home owner and especially for the real estate investor. Where to buy? How and where to find the best financing?

We discuss on a regular basis:

Inflation or deflation, impact of the economy on markets. Highlight major markets such as Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton but also focus on areas such as the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Vancouver Island, the Interior.
We also focus on 5 major areas in the United States. Some US markets are clearly bottoming, having seen declines in price of up to 50%. But buying in the US is different. We are foreigners.

What are the rules? What exactly is a short sale? Do auctions work for Canadians? What is a Bank repo? What of the foreclosure system? Did you know that buying in Florida means that you have to pay double the taxes of Floridians? Speaking of taxes … You must understand the difference in taxation. Should you buy inside a company or in your own name? How to finance your purchase? Property Management? Which city to buy in, which to avoid.

You can find answers to your questions in the JUROCK REAL ESTATE INSIDER.

The Facts by Email also features the best current interest rates (compiled from 35 financial institutions) usually 3/4 of 1% to a full 1% below stated bank rates. Also by subscribing you can use the exciting Subscriber Exchange – deals done for, on behalf of and by subscribers. You work for yourself but by belonging to the Jurock Real Estate Insider Network (JREI) you do not work by yourself! HOT new ways for subscribers to interact!

I look forward to personally meeting you at some of our subscriber events.

Ozzie Jurock
Jurock’s Real Estate Insider

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